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Where Do You Start When Creating an Insider Risk Management Strategy?

How to Approach Starting an Insider Risk Management Strategy

The formulation and development of an organizational insider risk management strategy is a critical step in determining the success of the project.

If your organization hasn’t developed a cohesive insider risk management strategy yet, or it needs to be updated due to shifts in the work environment such as working from home, it’s hard to know exactly where to start. You need a holistic look at your organization, the data you need to secure, and the various personas of threats that you could reasonably expect to face based on the industry you’re in. It takes an experienced team, like the one at ITMG, to provide a comprehensive assessment of your current capabilities and a roadmap towards a customized, effective insider risk management program. If you’re not sure where to start when formulating ideas about the creation of an insider risk management strategy, here are a few key points to consider.

Top-Down Support is Crucial

Developing the company culture required for an insider risk management strategy to thrive is a core component that starts with buy-in at the highest levels of your organization. These stake-holders can also provide the support you need to navigate the various roadblocks and problems that invariably turn up during the implementation of your program. Education is the key here – providing your C-suite with the information on the kinds of threats out there, how they can impact your organization, and how an insider risk management strategy is in the best interests of all stakeholders in your organization is extremely valuable.

Know Where to Dedicate Valuable Resources

You’re certainly not going to have unlimited resources at your disposal, so it’s important to allocate the resources you do have properly. Ensure that your insider risk management program is focused on monitoring the right things – not simply trying to monitor everything. Insider risk management is all about securing your data – don’t make the mistake of placing all of your focus on monitoring employee actions. While these methods are valuable and provide useful insight when implemented properly, it shouldn’t comprise the whole of your strategy.

Communication and Transparency Works Wonders

Openness and transparency about your insider risk management strategy are critical to its success. Be clear with employees in expressing what is being monitored, why it is being monitored, and why it is important for your team to do so. Again, education is key here – the more knowledge your employees have, the better they can adapt their workflows to support your risk management initiative. It also plays a big role in promoting a healthy corporate culture with a foundation of trust, and it allows employees to feel like important stakeholders in the success of your program.

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