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When are the Best Times to Reassess Your Insider Risk Management Capabilities?

Best Times to Reassess an Insider Risk Management Program

You should plan to reassess your insider risk management program every so often to help protect your organization.

Insider risk management is a constant battle that security professionals have to wage. While many of the tactics that potential insider threats will use to exfiltrate data remain fairly constant, some techniques will evolve as security technology and hardware change. And keeping constant vigilance on security best practices can be taxing for the everyday employee – as the search for efficient workflows continues, so too does the threat of using shortcuts to circumvent cybersecurity procedures. It is definitely in the best interest of all stakeholders in your insider risk management program to reassess your capabilities every so often, but when specifically are the best times to do so?

When an Insider Incident Occurs

Of course, a proactive approach is always going to be better for an organization in the long run than a reactive one, and your efforts should be focused on stopping potential incidents before they happen. But if an insider incident does occur, it is in the best interests of your organization to reassess your capabilities as soon as possible. This will help identify any weaknesses in your structure, pinpoint areas that can be improved immediately, and provide a vision for long-term improvement that will help shore up your defenses and put your program on better footing. If your team had been taking a reactive approach before, an insider incident may prove to be a catalyst for evolution to a healthier proactive approach.

Before New Initiatives

Whether your organization is looking to implement permanent work from home capabilities after the COVID-19 pandemic, looking to expand the team to gear up for a big project, or planning to make wholesale tech upgrades to modernize workflow, a reassessment of your insider risk management capabilities should be one of the first things on your agenda. New initiatives can be exciting and lead to change at your organization, but this change can also prove to be more difficult for your risk management team to account for. Reassessing your current capabilities can help your team identify future issues and strategize how to best counter them.

On a Regular Basis

Even if your organization isn’t planning any new initiatives or hasn’t suffered a major insider incident in a while, a regular reassessment of your program is critical to its health and success! We recommend a comprehensive reassessment once a year to help you get a clear picture of how the program is doing and where you could invest some resources to tighten your defenses.

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