This course consists of Eight modules, each 20-30 minutes in length and may be delivered several ways:

     1. In-house Learning Management System. Course modules may be uploaded into your corporate LMS and licensed per individual user. Contact us for more details.

     2. Live training. Course modules may be delivered in person by Mr. Thompson at your location. Contact us for more details.

     3. Online. Course modules are taught online periodically, but can also be scheduled at your convenience.    

Insider Threat Program Book

All Attendees Receive:

* Glossary of relevant terms and acronyms

* Insider threat solution buyer personas, decision processes, and applicable questions

* Course workbook that can be used for structured note taking for each of the modules

* Use Cases by industry sector – Financial, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Healthcare

* Copy of my book entitled 

Insider Threat Program- Your 

​90-Day Plan

                        . . . and more!

                                                                        Product managers and sales reps                                                                         need to understand their market,                                                                         and to do so requires      

                                                                        understanding of the domain. For example, if you are selling software to corporations to manage insider threats, but you have very little knowledge of the types of insider threats or best practices for managing them, you will likely fail. How can you understand unmet needs of your customers if you do not even understand their most basic goals and tasks?

Domain knowledge provides product managers and sales reps with the information to make the decisions that will be best for the customer, user, and market. Without some level of knowledge, product managers and sales reps are simply flying blind. Domain expertise helps product managers connect with buyers and users to truly understand what they need and not just what they want. Domain knowledge steers marketing communications to effective programs with a clear message for the buyer. 

Insider Threat Management Group, LLC.

Course Reviews

​This practical training course combines a comprehensive overview of the Problem with insider threats, the Context in which insider risk is managed, the Incentives that organizations have to implement solutions, and Solutions used to manage insider threats. 


* Decrease new reps ramp-up time

* Allow reps to have more meaningful conversations with customers, sooner

* Build trust with customers by understanding their pain points, workflows, requirements, and acronyms.

* Establish greater credibility by "talking the talk"

* Learn how to talk to buyers so they will listen

* Understand buyer personas

* Obtain contacts and resources to allow reps to hit the ground running

* Understand industry nuances and selling points

* Develop domain expertise to be able to help customers develop "best practices"

* Allow you to position your company as a Strategic Partner/Advisor, not simply a sales vendor

​* Teach clients about problems they don't know they have

Who should attend

This training is designed for insider threat/risk management solution vendors and their sales and marketing teams.

This course will teach you all you need to know regarding how to sell your insider threat solution to customers and close the deal!

Shawn M. Thompson, Esq.

Insider Threat Training -

Vendor Sales Program

About the Instructor

                                 Mr. Thompson is a noted author,                                        speaker, and the Founder and                                            Director of the Insider Threat                                              Training Academy and the Founder                                    and President of the Insider Threat                                    Management Group, LLC, which                                        provides training and strategic                                            insider risk management advisory services to the public and private sector. He possesses over 15 years’ experience investigating, prosecuting, and managing insider threats and is widely sought-after for his unique expertise. He is a former federal prosecutor and senior government official who held executive positions with several agencies including the FBI, DoD, and DNI. He is a pioneer in the field of insider risk management, serving as a frequent guest speaker and thought leader on a variety of security topics. Mr. Thompson serves as a trusted advisor for the highest levels of government as well as private sector C-suite and Board of Directors alike. He is a member of the Maryland Bar.