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Insider Threat Use Case Development Services


Clearly Defined Events. Granular understanding of unwanted (compromise) events, their characteristics, and their impact to your organization. 

Efficient Application of Resources. Targeted application of resources allowing you to mitigate the greatest amount of risk at an acceptable cost.  

Detailed Understanding of Gaps. High visibility of gaps and needs for preventing, detecting, and mitigating unwanted events.  

Precise Recommendations. Build detailed recommendations and requirements for mitigating identified gaps. 

Tool Fidelity. Enhanced and increased fidelity of insider threat tools. 

Improved Metrics. Greater understanding of program performance and insider risk management workflows, processes, and procedures.  

Program Maturity. Elevated maturity of your insider risk management program.  

Client Feedback. Our experience, your value. 

“ITMG’s use case approach and experience building and integrating with insider threat detection programs is unmatched. They were able to apply real-world experience dealing with specific insider threat scenarios, from similarly large programs, to greatly improve our detection processes.”  

CSO, Fortune 100 – Technology

“Leveraging ITMG’s use cases has allowed us to more efficiently and effectively align our data sources with our toolsets and create high fidelity policies.”  

Lead Engineer, Insider Threat, Fortune 100 – Energy

“We have completely shifted our strategy to be more proactive and leveraging their (ITMG’s) playbook has allowed us to be more operationally effective as well.”  

SVP, Insider Risk Director, Fortune 500 – Biotechnology



We will design and build comprehensive insider threat use cases tailored to your organizational needs, equities, and requirements. We will work closely with your team to understand your company, processes, procedures, and expectations. Each use case will leverage our ITMG Insider Threat Playbook™ and include a complete design and build out of the following use case components:  

  • Unwanted – Compromise Events 
  • Event impacts 
  • Key Capability Factors (KCFs), Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), and Key Performance Indicators  

(KPIs) for each event 

  • Required data sources to prevent, detect, and mitigate each event 
  • Key personnel and roles required to prevent, detect, and mitigate each event 
  • Key workflows, processes, and procedures needed to prevent, detect, and mitigate each event

Assess and Define 

Our insider threat experts will review your current capabilities to prevent, detect, and mitigate each of the identified events and define maturity gaps and recommendations for mitigating each event.  

  • Assign risk level
  • Prioritized recommendations
  • Defined tasks, resources, and level of effort for each recommendation


Our team will help you implement and apply the defined use cases and the identified recommendations to improve your insider risk management maturity levels.  

  • Data source integration 
  • Data source review 
  • Tool and workflow integrations 
  • Vendor analysis and review 

Contact ITMG to Build, Assess, and Implement Your Insider Threat Use Cases 

ITMG is a pioneer in building and applying insider threat use cases and is an industry leader in helping organizations throughout the United States strengthen their insider risk management programs and securing sensitive data and intellectual property. Our team of bona fide experts has the real-world experience necessary to create holistic use cases tailored to the special needs and risks in your industry. Contact ITMG today to learn more about how we can help or submit an RFP to explore an engagement!