Insider Threat Awareness Training
Insider Threat Program Development
Vendor Sales Training

*  Understand the importance of formally managing insider threats
*  List the three components of risk
*  State the ten insider risk ecosystem components
*  Recognize the difference between threat and risk
*  List the objectives of an insider threat program
*  Identify insider threat program decision-makers​
*  Identify three common insider risk management challenges
*  Learn how to implement the program development process

*  Learn the five insider threat buyer roles and how they impact your sales messaging.
*  Learn the eleven different buyer personas and how to tailor your messaging to each for

   maximum effect.
*  Learn the challenges that each role and persona face and how best to communicate your

   value proposition.
*  Explore the different goals and objectives of each persona to fully understand their

   perspective and needs pertaining to an insider threat solution.
*  Integrated Messaging Model™. Learn ITMG’s proprietary and proven method for aligning

   sales and marketing messaging with buying cycle phases and personas. 

*  Map to IMM™. Learn how to tailor your sales messaging and marketing campaigns for each

   persona, role, and buying cycle phases.

Insider Threat Management Group, LLC.

Insider Threat Training 

*  Define “insider threat”
*  Define the three factors that comprise “threat”
*  Recognize the differences between internal and external threats
*  List the six types of insider threat personas
*  Recall the types and prevalence of insider threat events 
*  Recall how insider threats cause damage by citing real-world examples
*  Identify the five insider threat impact categories