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Training Programs

Our training programs are the most comprehensive in the industry and taught by bona fide insider risk management practitioners. Each program is designed to develop practical insider risk management skills and awareness for both employees and insider risk management program personnel.


Our awareness programs are specifically designed to provide your employees a comprehensive understanding of the threats posed by insiders and the common tactics, techniques, and methods used to compromise corporate assets. Our programs are fully compliant with regulatory training requirements including SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, NISPOM, among others.

Program Development

Our program development courses are two-day courses designed for insider risk management operations and executive personnel. Each course covers the fully panoply of insider risk domains including program strategy, development, and implementation. In addition, legal and regulatory parameters are fully explored and delivered by licensed attorney and experienced insider risk practitioners.


Our operations training programs provide your insider risk management personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to function in analytic or investigative roles. Program topics include: Behavioral Indicators, Insider Threat Tools, Data Sources, Interviewing, Insider Threat Law, among others.