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Tesla Accuses Rival Rivian of Battery Tech Theft in Escalated Lawsuit

Tesla Accuses Rival Rivian of Battery Tech Theft in Escalated Lawsuit

Last year, Tesla filed a lawsuit against Rivian, claiming that the EV startup stole trade secrets and intentionally hired Tesla employees, encouraging them to bring documents. Now, Tesla has added to the lawsuit against Rivian, accusing them of continuing to poach its employees and stealing “highly proprietary” battery technology.

Rivian has been one of the most serious electric vehicle startups since Telsa and has arguably been following what Tesla has done so far. Telsa deployed their own network of fast-charging stations, the Supercharger network. Rivian announced plans to deploy its own fast charging network, which is going to allow owners to rely less on third-party public chargers. Tesla also deployed its own company-owned network of stores and service centers, as well as using mobile technicians. Earlier this year, Rivian announced almost the exact same model. These moves have greatly contributed to Tesla’s success and will help Rivian but Tesla believes the rival is doing more than following in their footsteps.

At the time Tesla filed the lawsuit against Rivian. It was not specified which trade secrets were stolen but it was noted that the employees listed in the lawsuits were two recruiters, an EHS manager, and a manager of Tesla’s charging networks. Tesla claimed that these employees brought “documents consisting of highly sensitive trade secret, confidential, and proprietary engineering information” when they went to work to Rivian.

Tesla has now expanded its lawsuit to more specific claims of stealing trade secrets:

The world’s leading electric-vehicle maker says the lawsuit it filed 14 months ago against Rivian hasn’t stopped the startup from raiding its staff and looting its intellectual property. That includes one instance this summer where Tesla defectors were “caught red-handed” stealing the core technology for its next-generation batteries, “the most essential element for any electric vehicle,” according to a court filing last month.”

Rivian has yet to comment on the new allegations.

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