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Take Your Insider Risk Management Program to the Next Level with ITMG and Our Advanced Solutions Seminar

ITMG Advanced Solutions Seminar

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Organizational cybersecurity is difficult to achieve, especially in today’s business environment. With remote work becoming increasingly common, achieving true organizational resilience needs to become a top priority for security professionals and anyone involved with the development and execution of insider risk management programs. ITMG can help with our upcoming Insider Risk Management – Advanced Solutions Seminar. This online seminar, consisting of several modules over the course of 3 days, is designed to teach you our proven model to manage insider risk, the RiskTKO model, which has been used by leading Fortune 500 companies to take their insider risk management program to the next level.

The RiskTKO Structure

RiskTKO is our proven model for managing insider risk that is trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies. It takes an asset-centric approach, combined with other principles of risk management, to meet the four primary objectives of insider risk management strategy – awareness, understanding, visibility, and insight.

Our Insider Risk Management – Advanced Solutions seminar is specially formulated to teach each of the five parts of our RiskTKO structure and how to apply each of these components in everyday practice within your organization.

Course Collateral

By signing up for the ITMG Advanced Solutions Seminar, you gain access to a wealth of invaluable knowledge and strategies proven to work in the detection and investigation of insider threats.

  • Insider Threat Playbook™: details the techniques and procedures that real threat actors use along with countermeasures and best practices to protect your organization.
  • Solution Use Case Manual™: a comprehensive library of insider threat use cases that comes with a solution matrix aligning the best tools for each use case.
  • Personas and Events Guide™: provides a breakdown of the characteristics that makes up various threat personas and security events.

In addition, each training session includes a 15-minute Q&A segment with a current insider risk manager at a Fortune 500 company, so you can ask questions and learn more information about what’s happening on the front lines directly from the leading security professionals.

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ITMG is an industry leader in helping organizations throughout the United States strengthen their insider risk management programs and secure sensitive data and intellectual property. Our team of bona fide experts has the real-world experience necessary to plan out and create holistic security solutions tailored to the special needs and risks in your industry. Contact ITMG today to learn more about how we can help! You can also visit our FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages for more updates and insights into the world of insider risk management.

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