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Strategies to Help Your Insider Risk Management Program Evolve

Insider Risk Management Program

Your insider risk management program is a critical initiative that needs to be planned out and considered very carefully – the security of your organization depends on it!

Is your insider risk management program doing everything it can to protect your organization and your critical data? In nearly every circumstance where an insider risk management program could stand to improve and evolve, there are clear signals that indicate this need. For instance, the personnel in your program can’t state the scope of the program clearly. Or your protocols are failing to produce actionable intelligence to key stakeholders. By strengthening your commitment to managing risk with these actionable strategies, you can reorient your program in the right direction and evolve your current thinking regarding your insider risk management program.

Consider the Goal of the Program

When organizational insider risk management programs start out, they typically focus on meeting goals with strategies that are reactive in nature. They want to identify any damaging security events that might happen and develop response and recovery strategies for when these events occur. The main problem of this approach is that it does nothing at all to identify key areas of risk, nor does it make any effort to mitigate those risks. In other words, it takes a reactive approach where a proactive one is much more advantageous and desired. The true goal of a well-developed insider risk management program is to harness information, data, expertise, and controls to prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats. While a plan for how to handle a security event is absolutely imperative, it’s better to invest resources to ensure that a potential insider threat is identified and responded to before that event even takes place.

Have a Clear Vision of the Scope of Your Program

Drawing from years of experience, insider risk management experts such as the team at ITMG have developed methods and processes that have been standardized in an effort to more consistently help organizations manage risk. One of the key factors here is the clarification of the scope and scale of the program. With a clear understanding of the scope of the program, the key stakeholders put the program as a whole on better footing to succeed. It also allows for the program scope to operate under an appropriate governance structure and for insider risks to be managed consistently alongside other risks that the organization faces. This opens the door for insider risk management and enterprise risk management programs to interface and provide insight to one another, strengthening the security of the organization as a whole.

Contact ITMG to Develop Strategies and Protocols Designed to Help Your Company Mitigate Your Insider Risk

ITMG is an industry leader in helping organizations throughout the United States strengthen their insider risk management programs and secure sensitive data. Our team of bona fide experts has the real-world experience necessary to plan out and create holistic security solutions tailored to the special needs and risks in your industry. Contact ITMG today to learn more about how we can help! You can also visit our FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages for more updates and insights into the world of insider risk management.

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