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Effective insider risk management requires a unique and diversified skillset. ITMG is uniquely positioned to provide qualified personnel to support your insider risk management program. We have access to the largest network of bona fide insider threat experts in the world, most with over 15 years’ experience.


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Our insider risk analysts have experience collecting and aggregating information from multiple data sources, including developing and refining policies for DLP, UAM , and other common toolsets. Most importantly, our analysts have real-world experience supporting insider risk management programs in the corporate sector.

Domain Experts

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Our domain experts are true thought leaders in the field of insider risk management. Our program managers have led large scale corporate engagements, our Tool SMEs have operational knowledge of leading solutions, and our Behavioral Psychologists are pioneers in developing threat ontologies.

Insider Risk Program Managers | Insider Threat Tool SMEs | Behavioral Psychologists


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Our investigators have decades of experience managing large scale government and corporate insider threat investigations, including IP theft, misconduct, and corporate espionage. We can augment the operation of your existing insider risk management program or conduct case or project specific investigations.