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Remote Workforce Risk Assessments

Determining Your Unique Exposure to Risk, Your Current Capabilities, and What You Need to Do to Protect Your Organization

Your current remote workforce risk posture is an important concept to understand as it will determine what tasks and processes are necessary to implement in order to secure your organization. ITMG’s proprietary remote workforce risk assessment uses a holistic approach and examines your enterprise from every possible angle – business environment and corporate culture, potential legal issues, assets, types of threats and vulnerabilities, security governance, and more. By gaining a complete understanding of your organization and its structures and processes, our team of experts can develop a complete risk management solution designed to protect your organization and minimize your exposure to threats from remote employees.

Key Areas Our Proprietary Remote Workforce Risk Assessment Focuses On

  • What is the current remote workforce risk management capability of my organization?
  • Which components need to be developed?
  • What is the maturity level of each individual component?
  • What is the level of effort necessary to achieve an initial operating capacity?
  • What is the level of effort necessary to achieve a full operating capacity?
  • What are the resource requirements that my organization will need to achieve this initial operating capacity/full operating capacity?
  • Which components should be prioritized to produce maximum effectiveness and uses our resources most efficiently?

For Insider Risk Management Solutions that Address the Unique Risks of Your Remote Workforce, Call ITMG Today

ITMG is a leader in providing comprehensive risk management assessments, strategies, and solutions to help organizations manage their remote workforce. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experts.