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Remote Workforce Insider Risk Consulting in New York City

Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, remote workforces have grown in significance. However, this shift has exposed new vulnerabilities and many businesses have become a target for insider threats. It’s crucial to ensure security and safety as we navigate this new virtual environment.

ITMG is here to help! We’re an expert in risk management, specializing in remote workforce insider risk consulting in New York City. Our team is highly trained and experienced and stresses the importance of awareness, understanding, visibility, and protection. To learn more about remote workforce insider risk consulting, please contact us today!

Insider Risk Assessments

Insider risk assessments explore an organization’s assets, threats, vulnerabilities, business environment, legal challenges, and security governance. We split this service into three distinct categories: baseline assessments, risk assessments, and red team assessments. Each assessment strategy utilizes our proprietary methodology and acts as a starting point for the program development phase. Our team will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current risk management system, and evaluate its application in the remote workforce environment. We evaluate your organization’s insider risk security posture and work with you to find new-and-improved security solutions.

Program Development and Strategic Advising

ITMG develops and executes innovative programs to manage insider risk. We work with you to create each program, customizing it’s features to match your distinct needs. We provide remote workforce insider risk consulting to help you adapt to the new digital landscape and ensure security for all sensitive data. Amongst these services, we offer remote workforce strategic risk advising and technical consulting.

Contact ITMG Today!

ITMG is the best resource in New York City for remote workforce insider risk consulting! We’ve supported the New York community for over six years, and maintain a global network of insider threat professionals. For services you can trust, ITMG is the best team for the job! Ready to learn more? Please contact us today!