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Remote Workforce Insider Risk Consulting in Dallas, Texas

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace culture has undergone unprecedented changes. Our world has become swept up in the digital age, and advanced technologies make it possible to work virtually from anywhere. As we shift our workforce to an online system, the importance of cybersecurity is undeniable. Whether you work as a teacher or an investment banker, your data is precious and should be protected from malicious attacks. Strengthen your data security with help from ITMG! We’re a trusted team of risk management professionals and insider threat specialists in Dallas, Texas, dedicated to exceptional customer service. Our team specializes in remote workforce insider risk consulting and provides three primary services:

  • Insider Risk Assessments
  • Remote Workplace Insider Risk Consulting and Program Development
  • Program Management and Staffing Solutions

From New York City to Dallas, Texas, ITMG maintains a global network of experienced professionals to support our clients. To learn more about the impact of remote workplace insider risk consulting, please contact us today!

Risk Assessments

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your risk management system with ITMG! There are three types of risk assessment: baseline assessments, standard risk assessments, and red team assessments. Using our proprietary assessment methodology, we will work with you to analyze the following variables: assets, business environment, vulnerabilities, security governance, legal regulations, and threats. Additionally, we collect data on your organization’s current insider risk security posture and establish a plan to prevent potential breaches.

Remote Workplace Insider Risk Consulting and Program Development

ITMG is the best choice for superb remote workplace insider consulting in Dallas, Texas. Our team will work with you to create a customized, comprehensive risk management system for your organization. We use our expertise to help you detect insider threats and mitigate risks to your data security.

Program Management and Staffing Solutions

Is your team trained in the complexities of risk management for your field? Are you prepared to take on the unique challenges produced by remote workplaces? ITMG is the team you need on your side! After years of experience in the industry, we know how to set up your team for success. Our team will recruit and train vital staffing positions for your organization, including risk analysts, domain experts, program managers, and behavioral psychologists. Each team member is impactful and has the power to either strengthen or weaken your data security. We’ll ensure you’re prepared and protected for years to come.

Contact ITMG Today!

ITMG is a trusted expert in Dallas, Texas, with a reputation for excellence. We specialize in remote workplace insider risk consulting and provide a series of risk management services to support our clients. To learn more, please contact us today!