We can help. Whether you're seeking to build a complete program, build an initial operating capability, or enhance existing components, we can help you every step of the way. 

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So what is an "insider threat program?"

Many practitioners claim that they will "build you an insider threat program," but most fail to understand what this means. This lack of understanding is largely the cause of the continuing and costly insider breaches that impact businesses everywhere. At ITMG, we believe an insider threat program (or "insider risk program") consists of and requires synergy between an ecosystem of 10 interrelated components. 

Insider Threat ​Program Development

Effective insider risk management requires a holistic insider risk program.  

Insider Threat Management Group, LLC.

A program is NOT simply . . . 

* Performing pre-employment background checks
* Deploying a DLP or UAM solution
* Collecting network logs
* Providing security training
* Designating someone as the ITPM
* An “INFOSEC” program
* A data problem
* A people problem