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Program Development & Management Training

Course Features (multiple courses)

(Computer-based or Live Training)

  • Highly engaging content with interactive elements
  • Practical examples and learning applications
  • Easy LMS integration (SCORM and AICC compliant)
  • Tailored and customized for your organization
  • Easy navigation and integration
  • Professional voice-over presentation for enhanced learning
  • Includes interactive quiz functionality
  • Each course is broken down into easily retained 30-minute modules

What students will learn:

Define and understand the concept of risk, how it applies to insiders, and how it can be measured to foster business and mission objectives.

Explore insider management functions and work roles – skillsets, job functions, and personnel.

Management Framework
Explore the existing Insider Threat Management framework – challenges, requirements, equities, and foundations for managing insider threats.

Discuss the principles of Insider Threat Management. What it means to manage insider threats – responsible officials, work roles, development and implementation processes.

Fully analyze and explore the four Insider Threat Management objectives and how they form the foundation of an effective program. Identify the goals of Insider Threat Management and how they align with general mission and business objectives.

At the end of this training students will:


  • Understand the importance of formally managing insider threats
  • List the three components of risk
  • State the ten insider risk ecosystem components
  • Recognize the difference between threat and risk
  • List the objectives of an insider threat program
  • Identify insider threat program decision-makers​
  • Identify three common insider risk management challenges
  • Learn how to implement the program development process