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ITMG Achieves Record Growth in 2018

Press Release: Company announces significant increase in insider threat management consulting engagements in the last 12 months, including the addition of four new Fortune 100 clients.

Washington, DC – ITMG, the leading insider threat management firm who has provided consulting and training services to over 500 clients worldwide, today announced significant growth in 2018, reflecting increasing global demand for ITMG’s insider threat management services. The company acquired dozens of new clients spanning multiple industries and sectors in 2018, including four leading Fortune 100 companies.

These four companies are world leaders in technology, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare with a combined workforce of 450,000 employees, annual revenues of over $300 billion, and a combined market cap of over $1 trillion. Each is an industry and market leader. Innovation drives all aspects of their business operations. As market leaders, they are the target of competitors who seek to steal their technical innovations and human capital. Consequently, protecting intellectual property and human capital is a primary business objective representing significant risks to the company.

To properly manage these risks, each company turned to ITMG to assess, develop, and implement a robust insider risk management program. ITMG created programs that protect critical assets, respect employee privacy, while enabling and enhancing corporate innovation. ITMG completed a complete review of each company and assessed their insider risk management maturity level based on ITMG’s Insider Risk Maturity Model. Engaging ITMG provided each company with immediate return on investment by identifying gaps and providing recommendations and a roadmap for improving their risk posture.

“We are extremely proud of the continued growth and success of ITMG, the addition of market leading Fortune 100 companies to our client list is a testament to our unique value,” said ITMG Founder and President Shawn M. Thompson. “Our motto is ‘an opinion is only worth the experience that supports it,’ and all of our consultants are bona fide insider threat experts with decades of real-world experience managing insider risk.”


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