What are the legal considerations of conducting employee investigations?

Can data from an employee monitoring solution be used as evidence?

Effective insider risk management requires an understanding of the unique legal and regulatory ramifications of administering an insider threat program.  

How can I monitor my employees at work?​​

How can I monitor social media of my employees?

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What's the best way to implement an employee monitoring solution?

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What are employee monitoring "use restrictions?" 

How do I legally collect, use, store, and disseminate sensitive employee information?

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What are the best practices for conducting background checks on my employees?

Can I monitor contractors and partners?

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What are the parameters of a lawful insider threat program?

Implementing an insider threat program raises myriad privacy, regulatory compliance, operational liabilities, criminal and civil enforcement, and employment considerations. Each can have disastrous economic impacts on your business if not properly managed.

As an experienced legal and operational practitioner in the area of compliance, employment, security, and criminal law, Mr. Thompson is uniquely positioned to advise your insider threat stakeholders on the parameters and best practices of implementing an insider threat program.