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Insider Threat Program Development and Strategic Advising 


“ITMG developed a robust insider risk management program that allows us to protect our assets while continuing to enable innovation.”

Global Security Director

Fortune 100, Retail and Apparel 


“Money well spent!” 

Global Head of Security

Fortune 50, Technology 


“ITMG consultants are true subject matter experts who provided exactly what we needed to build and enhance our risk posture.” 

Senior IT Security Director

Fortune 100, Healthcare 


“ITMG provides unmatched insider threat thought leadership and expertise.” 

Global Insider Threat Director 

Fortune 50, Energy 


“ITMG created a tremendous insider risk management program for us, ensuring compliance with our myriad regulatory and legal requirements. ITMG consultants are extremely knowledgeable and I look forward to engaging their services in the future.” 

SVP, General Counsel

Fortune 500, Publishing 

Insider Threat Technical Consulting 


“ITMG’s use case approach and experience building and integrating with insider threat detection programs is unmatched. They were able to apply real-world experience dealing with specific insider threat scenarios, from similarly large programs, to greatly improve our detection processes.”  

CSO, Fortune 100 – Technology  


“Leveraging ITMG’s use cases has allowed us to more efficiently and effectively align our data sources with our toolsets and create high fidelity policies.”  

Lead Engineer, Insider Threat, Fortune 100 – Energy 


“We have completely shifted our strategy to be more proactive and leveraging their (ITMG’s) playbook has allowed us to be more operationally effective as well.”  

SVP, Insider Risk Director, Fortune 500 – Biotechnology 

Insider Threat Operational Consulting


“I really, really, really liked this! I’ve been a part of a lot of tabletop exercises, but they’ve all been focused on cyber (incident response and malware). I really liked your approach and model and have a lot of notes and ideas to move our program forward. Thank you!”  

Sr. Insider Threat Lead 

Fortune 100 – Technology  


“Fun exercise, relevant scenarios, really enjoyed the session and discussion. Great value-added exercise.”  

SVP, Insider Threat and Risk Management 

Fortune 500 – Financial 


“Really insightful on what we can work on, really helpful, gave us a lot of ideas on what to detect and what to alert on.”  

Sr. Solutions Architect 

Fortune 100 – Technology  


“Very good exercise, it showed our shortcomings and need for improvement . . . looking forward to the next exercise!”  

Lead Engineer, Insider Threat 

Fortune 100 – Energy 


“Really interesting to see how a tabletop can work for insider risk, thank you for pulling this together for us!”  

Sr. Insider Threat Analyst
Fortune 500 – Pharmaceutical 


“This exercise will really help us to be more proactive and focus on preventing things before they occur. Provided a lot of great insight and will also allow us to ask the correct questions when evaluating our detection tools and vendors.” 

Insider Threat Program Director 

Fortune 500 – Manufacturing