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How to Translate Insider Threat Alerts? 

Most analysts will run into alerts with data written in a language separate from their native language. If this happens, the team has several options, but they should be based on the type of environment in which they operate. Those choices, like so many other things in the insider threat world, tend to be based on price and risk tolerance. 

The first option is to have your analysts translate as needed on third party applications available on the internet. This, however, is not recommended because if you are not being cautious with a product, anything you type into the application is being stored. This is a concern for several reasons. You run the risk of giving intellectual property to whomever is doing the translating. There is also a risk of giving an employee’s personal identifiable information to a third party. For these reasons and more you should avoid free applications. 

The smaller scale, but potentially more expensive choice is to hire analysts who are capable of translating any languages that might appear in your environment. This is a workable solution when there is not a risk of numerous languages appearing in your alerts. When the number of languages in an environment increases significantly you could potentially be spending a lot of money attempting to find bilingual analysts from all over the world. So, when setting up a program you must think about the type of environment that you are dealing with, and how big you can expect it to become. 

The preferred option should be to purchase a tool that ensures no logging of your data will be done. This is a great option because it can solve most of your foreign language concerns, but it will come at a price. With such a tool you can have your alerts translated in the background before an analyst even sees the content. This can save time. You could also have a tool that allows you to translate manually when needed. You will need your analysts to understand how the translation software works, but a non-logging translation tool should be the most effective option. 

Although there are several options for translating alerts, the goal must be to provide insider threat analysts a safe and secure environment in which to do so, regardless of the language in which the activity is written. 

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