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How Should You Approach Starting an Insider Risk Management Program?

Starting an Insider Risk Management Program

Starting an insider risk management program can be daunting, but with a plan in place you can put your organization on a path to better security.

The need for a defined and robust insider risk management program is more important now than it ever has been. More and more organizations are recognizing the threat that insiders can pose both to their operations and their customers and clients. But making the decision to formalize an insider risk management program comes with a lot of questions – the biggest being, where should you start? By taking the time to develop a coherent strategy and consult experts in the field, you can be on your way to creating a successful program that keeps your data and applications safe.

Build Your Foundation

As in just about every project, a solid foundation is key to success. Laying the foundation for your insider risk management program will involve getting all important stakeholders together and on the same page as to the specific goals your program hopes to accomplish. Identify these stakeholders – they should consist of people from just about every division of your organization, including HR, legal, executive/C-suite, asset security, and much more. Find the executive in your organization that will be your advocate at the upper levels to secure much-needed funding and buy-in. Identify any gaps in internal resources and work to fill those gaps as quickly as possible. This foundation will serve you well as you begin elaborating upon the mission and processes of your insider risk management program.

Promote Sustainability

Your program doesn’t need to be fully fleshed out and at 100% efficacy at the onset, but you should ensure that it is set up for sustainable success. Insider experts, such as those at ITMG, can help. We can evaluate your program goals and current internal resources to determine an initial operating capacity and provide step-by-step guidelines for how and when to scale your program up to your organizational needs in a sustainable fashion, as well as a timeline for when your program should be at full operating capacity. In addition, plan for annual audits and reviews of the program to aid in this process. Again, an insider risk management program rarely operates at full operating capacity on day 1, but with a plan and capable support, your organization will benefit in the long-term.

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