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How Do You Secure Older Technologies Still in Use at Your Organization?

Securing Older Technologies

As you develop and implement your organizational insider risk management plan, keep an eye out for older technologies and secure them.

When we talk about technology in most contexts, we tend to focus on the latest developments in the field and how they will change the way we work. And while this focus on new technology is good on the whole, when discussing and considering insider risk management, security professionals need to focus just as much on older technologies, if not more so. Many businesses still utilize older technologies in everyday work life, sometimes out of habit, or a lack of knowledge regarding safer alternatives – but recognizing which older technologies your employees are using and securing them will go a long way in securing your organization as a whole. Here are some of the most commonly used older technologies still in use at most organizations.

Thumb Drives

USB drives were once ubiquitous in the office setting – everybody’s had one, and everybody’s probably lost one too. Cloud storage has rendered them obsolete for the most part, but they haven’t disappeared completely. This is a problem considering that the thumb drive is one of the most commonly used ways that insider threats exfiltrate company data, even for incidents that occur by accident. And thumb drives are also commonly used to spread malware on company networks. To secure your organization, it may be worth looking into locking down USB ports at your office, especially if cloud storage is well-established. If this isn’t feasible, consider adding user activity monitoring tools to your insider risk management program if you haven’t already.


The drive towards digitization hasn’t lessened the popularity of the printer/copier in office settings. Paper records actually account for a significant percentage data breaches, especially in the healthcare industry. Monitoring the usage of the office printer is going to be your number 1 strategy here for securing it. In addition, have a robust policy for locking down sensitive documents, restricting access to them, and implement a document shredding program as well.

Screen Cap Tools

Taking screenshots has never been easier with dedicated applications and even shortcuts built into every piece of technology with a display screen. However, this is yet another vector through which an insider threat can steal valuable organizational data. Here, keep your employees informed and educate them regularly on proper and safe screenshotting practices. Employ user activity monitoring as well to help your security team discover instances of intentional data exfiltration through the use of a screen cap tool.

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