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How Do You Assess Your Insider Risk Management Program’s Current Capabilities?

Assess Your Program's Capabilities

By taking the time to assess your insider risk management program, you can identify strengths and weaknesses of your current system and plan out further improvements.

Assessments are powerful tools that help organizations see a clearer picture of current capabilities and plan out how to improve those capabilities in the future. Your organization likely conducts reviews for nearly every department, employee, process, and more. Your insider risk management program should be no different, as the safety and the security of your sensitive data depend on the continual improvement of protocols and strategies. But it can be dangerous to assess your program capabilities yourself. At ITMG, we believe that the eyes of a neutral third party are best for obtaining an objective, clear picture of where your insider risk management program is currently performing well, areas where improvement is needed, and tying the two together into a coherent strategy for the future. We primarily use three different types of assessments to help us do just that.

Baseline Assessments

Every project and process needs a baseline from which to measure improvement over time. ITMG’s baseline assessments are designed to provide the starting framework for any improvement to your insider risk management program. We examine every facet of your program, obtaining insight into programs, structures, and operations. This information becomes the foundation underpinning any further recommendations and actions to take to improve your processes. A baseline assessment is especially important as more businesses transition to a remote workplace structure. Previous risk management procedures may have been tailored for an on-site workplace environment, but adaptation is necessary, and a baseline report provides a great starting point for further development and evolution.

Red Team Assessments

ITMG’s red team assessments strive to obtain information on how a potential insider might compromise your system. This “practice run” of sorts also tests your team’s current response speed and procedures. After the test is concluded, your organization should have a much clearer understanding of its current security posture and ways to improve your team response protocols. Having a clear, quick, and actionable response plan is the most important component in limiting the potential damage from a insider security event.

Insider Risk Assessments

Every organization will have a different risk posture, and this has a major influence on your strategies to combat that risk. ITMG’s insider risk assessment is designed to evaluate that risk posture through careful examination of your entire organization. We leverage an asset-centric approach to insider risk management and focus on asset impacts, vulnerabilities, and threats. Our proven model will help you identify your critical assets, the data controls that are applied, and the threats to those assets. With this information identified and captured, you will obtain an understanding of the true risk to your assets and the vulnerabilities and threats that pose the greatest risk. Through this process, we can develop strategies to utilize your resources efficiently and move your insider risk management program to a mature operating capability.

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