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How Can Your Organization Be More Proactive in Your Cybersecurity Training Efforts?

Cybersecurity Training

Continuing education should be a pillar of your insider risk and cybersecurity management programs. Be proactive!

When developing a budget for organizational cybersecurity, a lot of the focus goes into the technology or staff being deployed for these efforts. However, one piece of the puzzle that often goes overlooked is the training of your current staff. Training can have a significant impact on the success of your insider risk management program and can help prevent the potentially devastating consequences of an incident from ever occurring in the first place. With more than half of all insider incidents being caused due to an accident or a misunderstanding of policy, education is the best way to tackle many of the challenges posed by insider threats. So how can your organization be more proactive?

Consider Your Training Personnel

The first question you should ask yourself is who on your security staff will be conducting the training sessions for the rest of the workforce. Whether your training personnel consists of veterans of your team, new staff to be hired, or a third-party team of experts like the ones at ITMG, you’ll need to account for the cost of this personnel within your overall security budget. In addition, your current cybersecurity staff should play a big role in supporting these training efforts. Have them make themselves open to security questions from the rest of the staff and provide guidance utilizing an open door policy. It can go a long way in shoring up any holes or misunderstandings during more formal training sessions.

Provide Continuing Training Sessions After Hire

Nearly every organization provides some type of onboarding when a new employee is hired to acquaint them with security best practices, but relatively few continue these sessions to remind their staff about their policies. And this is a major problem that is contributing to a spike in insider incidents and data breaches – according to the Poneman Institute, nearly half of respondents could not identify their organizational cybersecurity policies for business travel. Every organization needs to prioritize both forms of training – initial and continuing – to better protect themselves from a potential incident.

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