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Healthcare Red Team Assessments

ITMG’s Red Team Assessment Dives into the Mind of a Potential Insider Threat to Identify Weaknesses in Your Insider Threat Management System

A red team assessment is a useful tool in understanding the ways that an insider threat could compromise and steal your sensitive data. This simulation provides a number of critical insights. Not only does it evaluate the various different methods that an insider could use to compromise your systems, it also tests the response procedures of your insider threat management team. After a red team assessment, you will have a clearer understanding of your healthcare organization’s security posture and its ability to handle specific insider threat personas and events. The information gathered from this exercise is also useful in providing feedback for where your healthcare organization should focus on improvements.

Gathering Data to Help Your Healthcare Organization Make More Cost-Effective Decisions

ITMG’s proprietary assessment methodology carefully examines every component of your current insider threat management system and rates your current capabilities on a scale designed to estimate just how likely your system will be able to stop an insider threat before an attack takes place. This data, combined with data gathered from baseline and risk assessments, helps key decision makers in healthcare organizations learn the most effective ways to shore up their defenses and where to invest valuable time and money.

To Learn Just How a Red Team Assessment Can Strengthen Your Healthcare Organization’s Insider Threat Management System, Contact ITMG Today

ITMG’s red team is a critical tool towards ensuring the safety and security of your healthcare organization’s sensitive data by providing insights of your current ITMS capabilities and actionable strategies to improve it. Call us today to speak with our expert team.