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Healthcare Insider Threat Program Development

ITMG Provides Strategic Assistance in Developing an Actionable Program to Protect Your Healthcare Enterprise

There are many companies out there who will claim that they can build you an “insider threat program”. But often, this phrase is devoid of any real meaning and their services tend to fall short of the mark because of it. It’s worth taking the time to completely understand the components and goals of an insider threat program – this allows for better decision-making by key stakeholders and a more fully realized course of action. ITMG specializes in helping those in the healthcare industry strategize and develop programs designed to manage their insider risk.

What Makes a Successful Insider Threat Program?

Other companies will claim that they understand what an insider threat program is, but their services will often only address one or two of the areas needed for a complete program. This can leave your healthcare company at risk for compromise. A successful program starts with a holistic understanding of the components necessary and how to build up essential capabilities. ITMG believes that a truly successful insider risk program takes an entire ecosystem with synergy between ten interconnected components. Our focus not only on the parts, but also the whole, of insider risk management allows us to develop a complete program tailored to the unique needs of healthcare enterprises. Whether you need to build up a complete program from scratch, start out with an initial operating capability, or enhance components already in place, ITMG can assist during every phase of the process.

Call ITMG Today to Help Develop an Insider Threat Program that Addresses the Unique Risks of Healthcare Organizations

ITMG is a leader in providing comprehensive insider threat program assessments, strategies, and solutions to help healthcare organizations stay compliant with regulatory bodies by protecting sensitive patient data. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experts.