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Healthcare Insider Risk Staffing

Our Team of Experts can Help Your Organization Manage your Insider Risk Program

From operational processes to technical equipment and beyond, there’s a lot to manage within an insider risk management program. In the healthcare industry especially, a program needs to be designed with several key objectives in mind and needs to account for the various rules surrounding HIPAA regulations. If a healthcare organization pursues the goal of risk management in a haphazard or piecemeal fashion, it places itself in danger of compromise. More worryingly, the economic shocks that could follow might be devastating. You need a team of experts, fully versed in the intricacies of risk management and the unique challenges facing healthcare organizations, in order to create and maintain an insider risk management program that achieves your key objectives and keeps patient data safe. ITMG’s insider risk staffing solutions put that necessary expertise and real-world experience to work for your organization.

A One-Stop Shop for All of Your Insider Risk Staffing Needs

Our expert team has years of bona fide risk assessment and management experience and has helped dozens of organizations develop strategies and processes designed to help support their efforts and mitigate their insider risk. The list of staffing positions that we can help fill are as follows:

  • Risk Analyst – gathers and interprets data to support risk management efforts
  • Domain Expert – thoroughly knowledgeable and recognized within the field as an expert on the healthcare industry
  • Program Manager – provides top-down guidance on an insider risk management program as a whole
  • Behavioral Psychologist – applies psychological principles to interpret data and strengthen risk management processes

Call Us Today to Put Our Experienced Team to Work for Your Healthcare Organization

ITMG’s team of bona fide experts have combined decades of real-world experience helping companies mitigate their insider risk and protect their sensitive data. Learn more about what we can offer to your healthcare organization – give us a call today!