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Healthcare Insider Risk Consulting in Chicago, Illinois

The healthcare industry has access to a wide range of sensitive, up-to-date medical information, making it a key target for insider attacks. Partner with ITMG today to bolster your data security and foster a trustworthy workforce. We will work with you to create a customized risk management program for your organization, catered to all HIPAA regulations and industry laws. We’re the go-to expert in Chicago, Illinois, for healthcare insider risk consulting, and our key services include:

  • Insider Risk Assessments
  • Healthcare Insider Risk Consulting and Program Development
  • Program Management and Staffing Solutions

From Chicago to Houston, ITMG is the best source for efficient risk management solutions. We support a wide range of healthcare organizations in Chicago with attentive customer care and solutions that work. To learn more about healthcare insider risk consulting, please contact us today!

Insider Risk Assessments

Before we can develop or implement any solutions for your organization, we must first conduct a thorough risk assessment. During this process, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current risk management system. There are three types of risk assessment: baseline assessments, standard risk assessments, and red team assessments. Each procedure is both holistic and detail-oriented, focusing on the following risk factors: assets, business environment, threats, vulnerabilities, security governance, and legal regulations. Our team will use the data collected in the assessment to develop a strategic solution for your organization.

Healthcare Insider Risk Consulting and Program Development

At ITMG, the customer experience is our top priority. We work with you to create a customized solution for your healthcare enterprise, adhering to all laws and regulations. All risk management programs are developed with your specific needs in mind, giving your organization the attentive care it needs. We specialize in healthcare insider risk consulting and work with you to strengthen the data security of your healthcare organization.

Program Management and Staffing Solutions

Our work isn’t over after the development and implementation stages. It’s crucial to ensure your team is trained in all of the complexities of risk management and prepared to oversee the system in the future. We provide premier staffing solutions, keeping your team in tip-top shape. We recruit, fill, and train a wide range of positions for your healthcare enterprise, including the following: risk analysts, investigators, behavioral psychologists, and healthcare experts.

Contact ITMG Today!

ITMG is the go-to insider threat expert in Chicago, Illinois, with a reputation for excellence. As leaders in the industry, our team is committed to providing the best possible service and always goes the extra mile to secure your data. We implement a series of risk management solutions, specializing in healthcare insider risk consulting. To learn more about our services in Chicago, please contact us today!