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Healthcare Insider Risk Analysts

As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of gathering data through testing and the observation of patients in order to form conclusions. These processes allow you to diagnose your patients and provide a treatment plan to help them get back on the path to wellness. The same principles apply to your insider risk management program. You need members on your team who are experts at compiling and interpreting data through various sources in order to assess the health of your program and make recommendations for how it can improve. The insider risk analyst is an essential element of your insider risk management program. The analysts at ITMG are experienced and ready to put their investigative skills to work for your healthcare organization.

Using Proven Investigative Techniques to Produce Leads and Protect Your Sensitive Data?

Insider risk analysts identify indicators of insider threats through the use of technical analysis and methods of investigating user activity and potential alerts. They not only produce investigative leads, but also review data to support security inquiries as well. In addition, the insider risk analyst is an expert in triaging insider threat alerts, correlating specific insider threat data with other sources to ascertain potential red flags or indicators of risky/malicious activity. All of this information is compiled into reports that are concise, accurate, and timely and presented to relevant stakeholders and team members. The insider risk analyst is a cornerstone of a well-designed and functioning insider risk management program, supporting continuing development and evolution of the program through their contributions.

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The team of bona fide experts at ITMG have combined decades of real-world experience helping companies mitigate their insider risk and protect their sensitive data. Learn more about what our insider risk analysts can offer to your healthcare organization – give us a call today!