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Healthcare Behavioral Psychologists

Throughout history, human decision making has made a sizable impact on the course of events. A change in one key decision or one motivational change could have dramatically altered the way things turned out. In your healthcare organization, someone or some team made the decision that insider risk mitigation ought to be a core business strategy. And in much the same way, decisions and motivations will influence the potential insider threat and turn them into a real one. Your insider risk management team needs someone who can identify and understand these motivations, explain them to other members of team, and apply these principles to improve processes and further lessen risk. That is where behavioral psychologists can come in and offer substantial value to your healthcare organization.

Applying Psychological Principles to Protect Your Sensitive Data

The behavioral psychologist is well-versed in the ways that human psychology can influence potential insider threats and uses this knowledge to develop techniques to prevent, detect, and mitigate these threats. They provide fresh perspectives and unique support that your insider risk management program needs to be successful in its mission. This support includes actions such as conducting specific threat assessments on a case-by-case basis, developing technical rule sets, creating operational models, and assisting the team with insider threat investigation.

With the experienced team at ITMG on your side, you can ensure that your healthcare organization’s insider risk management program is fully staffed with the qualified personnel you need to support every facet of your program.

Contact ITMG Today to Put Our Behavioral Psychologists to Work for Your Healthcare Organization

The team of bona fide experts at ITMG have combined decades of real-world experience helping companies mitigate their insider risk and protect their sensitive data by developing and implementing best practices in their insider risk management programs. Learn more about what our behavioral psychologists can offer to your healthcare organization – give us a call today!