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Healthcare Baseline Assessments

Our Comprehensive Baseline Assessment Provides the Starting Point for Better Operational Practices

You may think that your insider threat policies and strategies may be sufficient to ward off threats, but it truly takes an objective set of eyes and ears to fully protect your organization and your sensitive data. ITMG can help with our baseline assessment and review. Our team will meticulously analyze your current program and its capabilities to identify key strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve. Not only will our team identify these aspects, but we will also provide helpful recommendations and strategies to target when modifying your current operational practices. These strategies provide a great starting point for executives looking to tighten up their internal security procedures to prevent any insider from compromising their systems and data.

We Use a Unique Methodology to Assess Your Healthcare Organization

ITMG is unique in the field of insider threat risk management consulting through the usage of its own proprietary assessment methodology, which is structured to deliver tailored solutions to each individual case. It combines real-world, intelligence-grade risk assessment approaches with the best practices of traditional assessment methods such as NIST, ISO, and COBIT. Only a team with bona fide risk assessment experience can develop such a comprehensive assessment and interpret it to provide your healthcare enterprise with the strategies it needs to combat insider threats.

The baseline assessment looks at several factors based on our proprietary methodology:

  • Insider risk security posture (based on our proprietary Key Risk Factors)
  • Critical assets (based on our proprietary Key Impact Factors)
  • Insider threats posed to your organization (based on our proprietary Key Threat Factors)
  • Vulnerabilities to your assets (based on our proprietary Key Vulnerability Factors)
  • Insider risks posed by third parties and trusted business partners

For Insider Risk Management Solutions Tailored to the Needs of the Healthcare Industry, Contact ITMG Today

ITMG is a global leader in providing comprehensive insider risk management assessments, strategies, and solutions to protect critical data and to help healthcare organizations stay compliant with regulatory bodies. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experts.