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Government Legal & Privacy Consulting

Staying Compliant: We Help Your Agency Remain Within Regulations

Privacy and data security is a top priority in any government agency or bureau, and every agency has a unique mix of regulations they need to abide by with multiple levels of hierarchy governing compliance. That complexity makes implementing and running an insider risk management program for a government body considerably more challenging than private companies dealing with privacy regulations. At ITMG, we both understand that complexity and have experts on staff who are well-versed in exactly these issues. Without an insider threat management consultant that understands both these complexities and the consequences that arise from failing to safeguard data, it’s likely your program will fail. We have the track record, knowledge, and capabilities to help protect your organization’s data and while ensuring any regulation your agency faces is complied with.

Strengthening Your Insider Risk Management Program with Expert Legal & Privacy Consulting

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the unique regulations and rules surrounding government agencies makes ITMG the ideal partner in advising your insider risk management team. We go beyond analyzing current trends in the industry and give specialized insight into how you can best strengthen your current program without compromising on privacy or stakeholder influence. Without an emphasis on the legal and privacy issues surrounding insider risk management, your agency can face a backlash from both enforcement bodies, watchdogs, and the public at large. Our expert team works proactively to prevent this, and you can relax knowing that ITMG is at your side, accounting for every relevant factor influencing your insider risk management program.

Contact Us to Learn More About Legal & Privacy Consulting

At ITMG, we provide legal and privacy consulting services in collaboration with our insider risk management assessments, strategies, and solutions designed to protect your sensitive data. To find out how our experts can help keep your organization compliant, call us today.