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Government Insider Threat Red Team Assessments

Insider Threat Red Team Assessment: A Look into the Mind of a Potential Insider Threat Designed to Identify Weaknesses in Your Insider Threat Management System
The goal of the Insider Threat Red Team Assessment is to gain a clearer understanding of your current ability to handle individual insider threat personas and events. The assessment is crucial for understanding specific ways that sensitive data could be compromised. In this simulation simultaneously evaluates both the critical flaws in your existing system and your team’s ability to respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently when faced with an insider threat. After the red team assessment, we are able to provide valuable feedback and suggest improvements in areas where your agency needs it the most.

Making Cost-Effective Decisions with Data

During our assessment process, we carefully rate your current capabilities to stop an insider threat before an attack takes place. In examining your current threat response, we gather a level of data that can be used to make key decisions on how to effectively manage the resources your agency uses to neutralize risks. Knowing what methods are most effective for your organization in managing insider risks let’s you manage your time and money more efficiently.

Call ITMG Today to Learn How an Insider Threat Red Team Assessment Can Change Your Organization’s Insider Threat Management System

ITMG’s Insider Threat Red Team Assessments are a vital part of securing your organization. The insights they give provide clear, actionable strategies you need to stop a threat. Call us today. Our expert team is ready to help.