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Government Insider Threat Program Development

Develop an Actionable Program to Protect Your Agency with ITMG’s Strategic Assistance

At many insider risk consultancies, building an insider threat program is seen as a process where you apply a template to an organization and leave it to them to make it work. This inevitably leaves the organization vulnerable to attack and floundering with program implementation and decision making later down the line. At ITMG, we think differently. Our insider threat programs are just as tailored as our assessments. We take time to understand the components and goals of both the program and your organization. This allows us to work with you to ensure your program is robust and your key stakeholders have the information they need to make critical decisions when faced with an insider threat. We specialize in helping organizations strategize and develop programs that fit their unique situation, and this approach lets us more effectively manage insider risk.

How Do We Judge Success?

At ITMG, we often work with clients who have been left vulnerable after working with other companies who claimed they knew what an insider threat program is only to have that other company address one or two sectors needed for a complete program. To build a successful program, you need a complete understanding of all ten interconnected components that make up an insider risk program. By focusing on the whole while still maintaining attention to detail within each part, we are able to create more holistic programs that are still tailored to your organization’s needs. It does not matter whether we are creating a new program from the ground up, working to expand a program beyond initial operating capacity, or fine-tuning an existing program. ITMG is here to be your partner.

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