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Government Insider Risk Staffing

Experts with the Skills to Help You Manage Your Insider Risk Program

Properly managing an insider risk management program requires a measured hand and an objective, insightful mind, especially when dealing with government regulations and oversight. Operational processes, technical equipment, and resource management are just a few of the key components that are juggled in any insider risk program. If any component isn’t given the care and attention it needs, it can cause the program to fracture and your data to be exposed, leading to further consequences. You can avoid this by enlisting the help of a team of experts and specialists who understand the complexities of insider risk management in your field. This team of experts will work with you to create and maintain a program that fit your unique needs and meets every challenge your organization faces head on to keep your data safe. At ITMG, we provide you with this dedicated team of experts and offer real-world solutions and expertise to meet your insider risk management needs.

All Your Insider Risk Staffing Needs in One Place

Our team has helped dozens of organizations with their insider risk needs: developing strategies and processes to support in-house efforts to mitigate insider risk. With years of real-world insider risk assessment and management experience, you can be sure every one of our staff is a bona fide expert. The staffing positions we can help fill are:

  • Program Manager – provides top-down guidance on an insider risk management program as a whole
  • Domain Expert – thoroughly knowledgeable and recognized within the field as an expert in insider risk for government agencies
  • Risk Analyst – gathers and interprets data to support risk management efforts
  • Behavioral Psychologist – applies psychological principles to interpret data and strengthen risk management processes

Put Our Experienced Team to Work For Your Organization by Calling Us Today

ITMG’s team has a proven track record and combined decades of experience in helping government agencies with their insider risk management needs. Take the next step toward fully protecting your sensitive data by calling us today to hear more about our offerings.