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Government Insider Risk Consulting

Government agencies face some of the most unique threats from insider access. In addition to still needing to comply with general data protection regulations, many have agency specific regulations that require a refined approach to risk assessment and management. Leaks, espionage, and lack of accountability can cause more damage here than in many other sectors. Once you factor in government contractors, oversight, and public facing information releases, it is easy to understand why government organizations often end up mired in their own security solutions. ITMG is a leader in creating one of a kind solutions to fit organization specific needs, and we have the expertise to better secure information at all levels of your agency.

Insider Risk Assessments

Knowing your current strengths and weaknesses is the first step to developing an insider threat management plan. Our assessment process determines your organization’s current capabilities when faced with an attack and helps us gather the data we need to make sure our solutions work for your specific branch needs.

Insider Threat Program Development and Consulting

Our team thrives when faced with a challenge. With our years of experience developing insider threat solutions, we pride ourselves on the knowledge of our experts. We understand government oversight programs, accountability, and the struggle of keeping contractors compliant with risk management programs. We work with you to create a program that tackles the unique problems faced by your organization.

Insider Risk Program Management and Staffing

ITMG has the investigators, oversight experts, and behavioral psychologists with the skills and knowledge you need to support your team’s insider risk management program.