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Government Insider Risk Consulting in Portland, Oregon

Government agencies handle a multitude of sensitive and classified information. Data security is essential, and these organizations must prioritize risk management to prevent insider threats. ITMG is an asset for government organizations in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in government insider risk consulting and implement a series of risk management solutions to support your organization, including the following:

  • Insider Risk Assessments
  • Government Insider Risk Consulting and Program Development
  • Program Management and Staffing Solutions

From New York City to Portland, ITMG is a recognized expert with a global network of risk management professionals. Our team will help you prevent, detect, and mitigate insider threats with customized risk management programs. To learn more about government insider risk consulting in Portland, Oregon, please contact us today!

Insider Risk Assessments

Our team will conduct a series of risk assessments to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. There are three types of risk assessment: baseline assessments, standard risk assessments, and red team assessments. Each classification is detail-oriented and an essential step to strengthen your data security. Using a proprietary assessment methodology, we evaluate a wide range of factors, including the assets, business environment, threats, vulnerabilities, security governance, and legal issues.

Government Insider Risk Consulting and Program Development

ITMG specializes in government insider risk consulting for organizations in Portland, Oregon. Our team will work with you to develop robust risk management solutions that are tailored to your organization’s distinct characteristics. We always adhere to all data protection regulations and agency guidelines. Contact us today to strengthen your risk management strategy!

Staffing Solutions and Program Management

Without a trained risk management team, your organization will be susceptible to insider threats. ITMG provides top-notch staffing solutions to help your team detect, prevent, and mitigate a variety of threats to your organization. We train your employees in the complexities of risk management and recruit vital positions for your team, such as risk analysts or investigators.

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ITMG provides risk management solutions that work! We’re the number one choice for government insider risk consulting in Portland, Oregon, and implement a series of services for our clients. To learn more about our team or our services in Portland, please contact us today!