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Government Insider Risk Analysts

Have you ever been to a doctor for a mystery illness? If you’ve seen a doctor in action diagnosing an illness, you understand the basics of what an Insider Risk Analyst does. Doctors gather data through testing and observing their patients. They ask questions, run tests, and perform a diagnostic. From there, they can come to an understanding of what the illness is and prescribe a treatment plan to both address the illness and prevent future bouts from occurring. Your Insider Risk Analyst operates with these same principles in mind. Insider Risk Analysts are experts at gathering and interpreting data to find both weaknesses in your insider risk program and improvements to bring your program back to health. This role is essential within your insider risk management team, and they enable you to make decisions that maximize positive impact. ITMG analysts are perfect for filling this role.

Protect Your Sensitive Data and Produce Leads with Proven Investigative Techniques

Analyzing user activity and using technical analysis methods to identify the hallmarks of insider threats is the core of the insider risk analyst’s work. The investigative leads they produce are only one part of their appeal. They also review data to support security inquiries and triage threat alerts by correlating both internal data and various outside sources to pinpoint malicious and risky activity. They then report this information to relevant stakeholders and team members in concise, timely, and accurate documents. This work makes them a foundational part of any well-designed insider risk management program. Their ability to interpret, navigate, and alert others to threats allows your program to flourish and develop further.

Our Experienced Insider Risk Analysts are Ready to Assist Your Agency

ITMG’s expert Insider Risk Analysts are part of our network of professionals with decades of experience in helping organizations fend off insider risk to protect their sensitive data. Call us today to learn more about how they can protect your organization.