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Government Domain Experts

Having a domain expert who specializes in the intricacies of your organization can often be what makes the difference between a generic insider threat program and one that fits your organization like a glove, executing preventative measures flawlessly, making sure every stakeholder is satisfied, and ensuring that risks particular to your field are accounted for. Domain experts are invaluable professionals who are first and foremost subject matter experts, but they also have a wide range of knowledge of all insider risk components and provide full-spectrum advice and insight to your organization. You can leverage their knowledge to help your agency make decisions that are finely tuned to your specific domain.

Industry Specific Experience: Rocket Fuel for Your Insider Risk Management Program

Our network of domain experts are recognized security and risk subject matter experts, and each has real-world experience in effectively assisting organizations in mitigating insider risk. They don’t just understand the laws and regulations impacting government organizational security, they actively work to ensure your insider risk management program is tailored to the specific needs of your industry. By understanding and working with both niche industry techniques and the larger insider risk management processes they can provide insight unique to their role. Their practical experience ensures that your insider risk program can thrive and your data will remain protected.

Call ITMG For Insight from Our Domain Experts on Your Organization Today

ITMG’s expert network of professionals has decades of experience in helping organizations fend off insider risk to protect their sensitive data. To learn more about how our domain experts can help you develop an insider risk program that is tailormade for your agency, call us today!