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Government Behavioral Psychologists

To create a successful insider risk program, you need to understand human behavior on a fundamental level. You must be able to carefully measure and consider employee actions in context within any situation. Understanding what motivates employee actions as well as what circumstances and opportunities lead to certain decisions will give you better insight into what insider risks you can expect. Having a dedicated member of your management team who specializes in identifying and understanding these behaviors and their underlying motivations helps tremendously in mitigating insider risk. Behavioral psychologists fill this need while also communicating these employee motivations to other team members and helping the team apply that data to your insider risk program.

Protecting Your Sensitive Data with Psychological Principles

Our behavioral psychologists are experts in understanding how human psychology affects insider threats and they provide the technical skills and knowledge to develop and suggest techniques to mitigate these threats. The perspective they provide allows them to serve as specialists in supporting your insider risk program; they can evaluate threats on a case-by-case basis and create technical rules sets and operational models to better serve your insider risk management team as a whole.
You can feel at ease knowing your sensitive data is fully protected with our experienced team at your side. We make sure that your organization is staffed with bona fide experts ready to handle ever part of your insider risk program.

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Our team of experts have combined decades of experience in helping companies protect their sensitive data by mitigating insider risk. Ensure you are ready to handle any insider threat by adding a behavioral psychologist on your team from ITMG today!