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Government Baseline Assessments

Our Comprehensive Baseline Assessment Serves as the Beginning to Better Operational Practices

ITMG provides an objective set of eyes on your insider threat policies, helping you understand whether your organization is truly prepared to handle insider threats and protect your sensitive data. Our baseline assessment and review is the first step in giving you that objective view. We scrutinize your current program with care and expose its strengths and weaknesses. This lets us see exactly where we can make changes in order to stop insider threats before they expose sensitive data. The goal is to refocus your existing program to ensure it is using the resources you have available to their utmost potential.

Our Unique Assessment Methodology

ITMG has developed a unique assessment methodology that sets it apart in the field of insider risk management consulting. Our proprietary methodology is designed to create custom solutions for each individual client by combining traditional assessment methods such as NIST, ISO, and COBIT with real-world, intelligence grade assessment approaches. These high level assessment techniques require a team of experienced risk assessment professionals that can walk you through the ins and outs of the procedure. Those same professionals stay by your side to ensure you’re able to implement these custom strategies effectively.
Our baseline assessment uses our proprietary methodology to analyze several factors:

  • Key Impact Factors
    • Insider risk security posture
    • Critical assets
  • Key Threat Factors
    • Insider threats posed to your organization
  • Key Vulnerability Factors
    • Vulnerabilities to your assets
  • Insider risks posed by third parties and trusted business partners

Contact ITMG for Custom Solutions to Your Insider Risk Management Needs

Protect your critical data with our comprehensive insider risk management assessments, strategies, and solutions. As a global leader in insider risk consulting, ITMG has the tools and expertise to help your agency stay accountability and security compliant.