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Client Profile

“ITMG Developed a robust insider risk manaement program that allows us to protect our IP while continuing to enable innovation”

Chief Security Officer

Client is an industry and market leader. Innovation drives all aspects of Client’s business operations. As a market leader, Client is also the target of competitors who seek to leverage Client’s technical innovations and human capital for their own corporate advancement. Consequently, protecting Client’s intellectual property and human capital is a primary business objective. Client’s relationship with its employees and partner networks are integral in securing IP and other critical assets. To properly manage these relationships, Client turned to ITMG to assess, develop, and implement a robust insider risk management program. ITMG created a program that protects Client’s critical assets, respects employee privacy, and enables and enhances corporate innovation.

ITMG completed a complete review of Client’s entire organization and assessed Client’s insider risk management maturity level based on ITMG’s Insider Risk Maturity Model. ITMG’s assessment provided Client immediate return on investment by identifying gaps and providing recommendations and a roadmap for improving insider risk management capabilities.