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Financial Technical Consulting

ITMG Consulting to Strengthen Your Company’s Technical Assets and Processes

When it comes to security, reliable information and visibility of critical areas of your company can make or break a successful threat response. Technical assets and processes can act as that window into the health of your organization. Our tech monitoring systems give you a view of everything from your assets and users to how those users interact with your technology on a daily basis. Setting these tools up, however, can be a complicated process. ITMG has a dedicated staff with years of experience in implementing monitoring solutions at the network and endpoint levels. We also focus on successfully handing off those tools so your company can effectively use them as part of your regular risk management program. This integration makes monitoring part of your regular threat management processes and ensures you always have eyes where you need them.

Increase Your Effective Protection Rate with Technical Tools

When you’re looking to strengthen your existing risk management program in a way that supports your key objectives, new technical tools can offer a huge amount of support. We train our experts in the latest protection and monitoring technologies and have years of experience in successfully implementing them for financial institutions. After selecting the best tools for your company, we fine-tune them to your individual needs and ensure they are fully integrated and ready for your team to use daily. Some of the technical tools we recommend and implement for our clients include Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), and Universal Access Method (UAM).

Help Ensure Your Business Thrives with Help from ITMG’s Technical Help Professionals

ITMG’s prowess in providing holistic technical consulting has helped make us industry leaders in our field. Our insider risk assessments, strategies, and solutions help your company stay compliant and secure any time you deal with customer or internal data. Call our experts today to discuss how technical tools can help your company’s organizational capabilities grow.