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Financial Strategic Risk Advising

Get a Snapshot of Your Organizational Risk With ITMG

As the world grows more interconnected and more people rely on digital financial solutions as an essential part of their lives and livelihoods, the need for strong security only grows. Planning for and practicing an insider risk management program is an essential part of maintaining that security. Protecting your sensitive data cannot be done on a reactionary or piecemeal basis, however. To truly reduce risk, you need a well-defined program that has clear objectives and processes in place. At ITMG, we take your security seriously and focus on strategic risk advising that takes all aspects of your organization and its operations into account.

Our Approach is Proven to Work and Powered by Experience

Our organizational experience is a point of pride for ITMG. Our team has countless hours of experience working on real-world insider risk solutions, and we’ve used that experience to create a proven, strategic approach to risk advising. This approach is currently producing positive outcomes for other institutions and is helping them achieve their security goals. Our approach consists of four pillars:

  • Know Your People
  • Know Your Assets
  • Obtain Visibility
  • Respond to Actions

These four key areas allow us to work with you to create insider risk solutions that align with your company’s goals while still mitigating risk factors specific to the finance sector. Dozens of companies trust ITMG to help them secure and manage their sensitive data because of our holistic approach to security and risk advising.

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