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Financial Insider Threat Red Team Assessments

ITMG’s Insider Threat Red Team Assessments Designed to Find Weaknesses in Your Insider Threat Management System Through the Mind of a Potential Insider Threat

Our Insider Threat Red Team Assessment is an exercise we use to gain clarity on how your current systems handle threats from specific threat profiles. This simulation exercise allows us to gather critical information on ways that a malicious actor could compromise your data. ITMG’s Insider Threat Red Team Assessment provides feedback on exactly where your business is experiencing weak points in its threat response and provides feedback on improvements needed to repair the system. By testing your existing systems with industry specific insider threat personas and events, ITMG provides you with the tools you need to understand insider threats on a tangible level.

Gathering Data to Help Your Financial Institution Make More Cost-Effective Choices

When you understand the most effective ways to neutralize insider risk, you can save both time and money. Our proprietary assessment method provides an in-depth look at your current insider threat management system and ranks your current capabilities by how likely each method is to stop an insider threat. The level of data we collect and analyze is designed to help you make key decisions in allocating resources while still ensuring your security is stronger than ever.

Contact Us Today to Strengthen Your Business’ Insider Threat Management System with an Insider Threat Red Team Assessment

With the data from ITMG’s Insider Threat Red Team Assessment in your arsenal, insider threat management becomes both more fluid and more cost effective for your institution. Speak with one of our experts today to see how we can help.