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Financial Insider Threat Program Development

Protect Your Business with ITMG’s Strategic Assistance in Developing an Actionable Insider Threat Program

Many companies that offer “insider threat programs” don’t take time to understand the main components and goals of an insider threat program, and their services leave their clients vulnerable as a result. We stand against that trend. At ITMG, we believe that good decision making comes after good data collection and goal-setting. We make sure that our programs align with your needs and provide the deeper understanding your key stakeholders need to create a more robust course of action. We work with your financial institution and ensure your program is complete and ready to face any insider threat.

What Makes an Insider Threat Program Successful?

When creating an insider threat program, other companies often fix one or two areas and then call it a day. Not at ITMG. We look at ten, interconnected areas of importance when creating our programs. This helps to make sure your data is truly protected from all angles, rather than just the several that face threats more often. Our programs are more tailored to your needs. As a part of the financial industry, you know that threats came come in all shapes and sizes. Our holistic approach to program building gives us more control over the impact programs have on your company. ITMG can assist you with everything from building a brand new program to fine tuning existing ones.

To Protect Your Institution With an Insider Threat Program Custom Built for Finance, Call ITMG Today

Stay compliant in protecting your customer’s data by calling ITMG: industry leaders in insider threat programs, strategies, and solutions. Our experts are waiting to hear about your unique challenges.