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Financial Insider Risk Staffing

Manage Your Business’ Insider Risk Program With Help From Our Experts

Operational processes, technical equipment, stakeholders, available resources, and more. There are many components to manage in any insider risk management program. Add in data regulations unique to the financial industry, and you have a program that needs to be created with a perfect balance of key objectives and compliance factors in mind. If any financial institution implements an insider risk program without taking the whole picture into account, it’s increasing the risk of compromise several-fold. The economic fallout that follows compromise is even more worrying. That fallout is why a team of well-trained experts with real-world experience is well worth the investment. At ITMG, our staff is composed of individuals at the top of their industry in risk management. They operate with both best practices, the latest trends, and your unique circumstances in mind when making recommendations and offering advice. This makes them the perfect team to make sure your data is secure without compromising on your business’ goals.

All in One Insider Risk Staffing

If you need to fill staffing positions with experts who have years of experience in their roles, we can help. Our team has proven results in helping dozens of businesses fill their insider risk management needs, and our staff are true experts in assessment, management, and strategic development in insider risk. We offer help filling these roles:

  • Behavioral Psychologist – applies psychological principles to interpret data and strengthen risk management processes
  • Risk Analyst – gathers and interprets data to support risk management efforts
  • Program Manager – provides top-down guidance on an insider risk management program as a whole
  • Domain Expert – thoroughly knowledgeable and recognized within the field as an expert on the finance industry

Leverage Our Team of Experts by Calling Us Today

If you’re looking for a dedicated team with decades of real-world experience in insider risk management solutions, call ITMG today to talk about your unique needs and how we can help. Our experts are ready to help you protect your sensitive data today!