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Financial Insider Risk Assessments

Finding Current Leaks, Assessing Current Mitigation Processes, and Identifying Opportunities to Offset Risk.

It’s important to measure your current propensity for risk as that will guide the steps needed to secure your business. Our proprietary insider risk assessment identifies both isolated risks and those that can cause a domino effect within your institution. We examine everything – corporate culture, assets, business environment, legal standing, security and regulations, and ease of access. With a clear portrait of your company, we can create a custom, complete solution to protect your financial institution and significantly decrease your risk exposure.

Our Proprietary Insider Risk Assessment Answers Questions Such As:

How capable are we in handling current insider risks?

What tools need to be developed?

How mature are the tools we’re currently using?

When considering minimal operating capacity, how much effort is required from the company?

How much effort is required to reach full operating capacity?

What is our minimum resource requirement for all levels of operating capacity?

What do we prioritize to maximize our resource usage?

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We pride ourselves in our insider risk assessment, risk mitigation, and insider threat solution capabilities. We’re leaders in protecting the finance industry against stolen revenue, employee misconduct, and legal processes. Call today to speak with an expert.