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Financial Domain Experts

Although there can be many similarities between insider risk programs across industries, there are invariably facts specific to your industry that you will need to address with your insider risk program. That’s where domain experts come in. Financial domain experts are professionals who specifically work to understand and mitigate threats in the finance industry, further protecting your sensitive data. You can leverage their knowledge just as you would the knowledge of a market researcher to make more effective decisions.

Using Finance Industry Experience to Develop Your Insider Risk Program

ITMG domain experts understand the risks the finance industry faces on a deep and specific level. They are recognized experts in the security and risk management field and offer a unique dual perspective: overseeing and understanding both niche industry concerns and broader risk management practices. Their specialized techniques and processes allow them to ensure government regulations unique to the finance industry are followed and maximize the effectiveness of your insider risk program as a whole. In understanding the risks unique to your industry, these experts are able to assist in creating carefully tailored programs perfect for your company’s needs that protect your sensitive data.

Call Us to Leverage ITMG’s Domain Experts in Your Institution

Our domain experts have decades of real world experience in helping companies protect their sensitive data and mitigate insider risk. Learn how we can help you mitigate insider risk and protect your sensitive data with the help of our domain experts by calling us today!