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Financial Behavioral Psychologists

Your employees are faced with many decisions when working with your sensitive data every day. Understanding what motivates these decisions and the opportunities and circumstances that feed them can give you incredible insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your insider risk management program. Having a behavioral psychologist on your team gives you this level of insight. A behavioral psychology gives you a fundamental understanding of human behavior that will provide context to your employees’ actions. They also translate their insights into usable data for the rest of your insider risk management team, allowing them to account for incredibly specific scenarios. This makes your overall program highly tailored to your specific company.

Securing Your Data Using Psychological Principles

Your insider risk program can only succeed when it rests on accurate, informational data about your risk factors. Understanding human psychology is crucial for this. Your team’s behavioral psychologist is an expert in understanding what influences human behavior and translating that into usable data for your team. They provide support by detecting, mitigating, and preventing threats spawned by human behavior as well. The work they do in developing technical rule sets, analyzing specific threat assessments, and creating operational models is both unique in the realm of insider threat management and a huge asset for creating a successful program.
ITMG brings you peace of mind by ensuring your business has a full team of well-qualified experts overseeing and implementing your insider risk management program.

To Strengthen Your Insider Risk Program with a Behavioral Psychologist, Call Us Today

Our staff has decades of real-world experience combined and their ability to combine industry best practices with company-specific solutions makes them a potent force in the world of insider risk management. Their proven track record of success in protecting sensitive data makes them a valuable asset to your business. To learn more about our behavioral psychologists and how they can help bring your insider risk program to a greater level of performance, contact us today!