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Financial Baseline Assessments

Better Operational Practices Through Our Comprehensive Baseline Assessment

AT ITMG, we know that it takes an objective set of eyes and ears to identify areas in your insider threat management program that may be failing. Our comprehensive baseline assessment is designed to give you a clear, objective view needed to see the areas that will falter when faced with a real insider threat. During the assessment, we pour over your current threat management process and identify both strengths and weaknesses so we can show you where there are opportunities to improve. We also give you a list of actionable recommendations on how to modify your current process to ensure you’re both using your current resources to their maximum potential and stopping every insider threat in its tracks. These strategies ensure that your sensitive data remains protected and serves as an ideal starting point for executives looking to hone their internal security.

A Unique Methodology to Assess Your Institution

Our proprietary risk assessment process is unique within insider risk assessment consulting; we combine traditional methods such as the NIST, ISO, and COBIT with intelligence-grade, real-world data to create an assessment process that goes further than other tests in the industry. Our methodology goes beyond risks that face the financial industry as a whole and gives us a more complete picture of the unique risks your company faces. This high-touch, expert-driven process lets us provide you with personalized strategies that will combat more insider risks than traditional assessments.

Our baseline assessment uses our proprietary methodology to analyze several factors:

  • Key Impact Factors
    • Insider risk security posture
    • Critical assets
  • Key Threat Factors
    • Insider threats posed to your organization
  • Key Vulnerability Factors
    • Vulnerabilities to your assets
  • Insider risks posed by third parties and trusted business partners

Contact ITMG Today for Tailored Insider Risk Solutions Perfect for Financial Institutions

At ITMG, we take our position as global leaders in our industry seriously. Our experts are ready to help you prevent all insider risks from fraud and embezzlement to staying privacy regulation compliant. Call us to take the first step toward protecting your critical data.